Local Artists

We are all local somewhere, and these artists aren't any different.  We want to support and showcase the talents of these passionate artists by giving them another outlet to create and inspire.  Skateboard graphics have long been an integral part of the culture, and these works of art now join their ranks.

Check out these artists and their one-of-a-kind pieces conjured in the mind and handcrafted on the board for all of you.

Nicolina Nanni

We've known Nicolina for a few years and have been impressed by all her work. She is currently a full time college student studying Industrial Engineering and an artist in her spare time. Here are five things about her:

First Board: The first board that I owned was a skateboard that my parents got for me on my 10th birthday. It had a huge pair of eyes on it. I held it up to my face to make it look like I had big eyes more times than I rode it.

If I am not riding: I am most likely painting or studying.

My Soundtrack: Bluesy, soulful music and downtempo electronic music. From Blues Travelers and Alabama Shakes, to Zero 7 and Disclosure.

Mantra: "There is no substitute for hard work." -Thomas A. Edison

Morning, noon, or night: Absolutely morning. Your whole day is ahead of you.

Click here to see Nicolina's work